The history of Rings:

The part of Jewelry which is put on Finger is called Ring. The shape of ring is circular so as to be fixed in the finger. The ring is most popular part of Jewelry. Rings are generally made of metals. Rings became popular in about middle ages. At that time the rings were in the fashion. All people wore rings irrespective of their class, society or status. The rings were usually made of gold, iron, silver and copper. To some extent the material used in the ring was the indicative of the class of people wearing the ring (Rich people wore rings made of Gold whereas poor people wore perhaps iron or silver rings).

History of ringsThe custom of ring usage dated back almost 6000 years back. Hittite civilization rings have discovered in the history. Old Egypt Kingdom also made rings and being found in the history. Egyptian complex design rings were more common in middle kingdom. During Ptolemaic Dynasty, various Egyptian structures and styles of rings were replaced by Roman and Greek fashions. The use of rings adds beauty to the hands.

Some cultural representations influence the structure, style and color of rings. The Native American cultures prefer to wear silver rings. Personal representations also influence the design of the rings. If somebody had worn Claddagh Ring on the right hand with inward crown, the wearer’s heart is empty. If somebody had worn it on the right hand with outward crown, the wearer has someone in heart (no space for others to come in). People used rings for different purposes. Rings might be worn as a reward for a victory.

The use of Engagement Rings began in ancient Egypt. Romans also used engagement or betrothal rings in their engagement ceremonies. Roman Catholic introduced the use of wedding rings in their wedding ceremonies. The wedding rings are different from engagement rings. In third century, Christian women wore gold rings at the sponsalia ceremonies. Later Romans started to make rings with iron called “Anulus Pronubus” as a representation of permanence and strength of the relationship. Until 860 Christians not started to use rings in their marriage ceremonies.

history of ringsSome people fell in love with rings. The rings were the representation of their belonging to the higher society class. Rings were also used for the identification of the members of the groups. The circle of the ring was the symbol of the eternity, which represents no beginning and no ending, not accorded to Egyptians but many other Cultures of Ancient times. The hole (empty space used to insert finger in the ring) inside the circle of the ring was considered to be a door to known and unknown events. According to this representation, if you give a ring to a lady it will be a symbol of your never ending love for her.

The wedding rings throughout the history have been worn on different fingers. There was no mutually accepted pattern to use the rings. According to the tradition, wedding or engagement ring is worn on the left hand ring finger. It is thought that ring finger of left hand contains a vein of love. The practical theory states that a ring made of soft metal is less injurious to the left hand finger because the number of right handed men is greater in the world. The fourth finger in the left hand is less used by people, if people wear ring in the fourth finger of left hand the ring tends to be of small size with less beauty and style. The Use of rings is also popular in today. People wear rings for different purposes as they were wearing in past.

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