How to find the right jewelry manufacturers?

I  know you know how difficult it is to identify and properly date American jewelry.

The reason it’s so difficult is because few pieces bear standard markings. Not only that, but even the references themselves are incomplete, hard to find, and often contradictory.

If you’re not aware of Dorothy Rainwater you really should be.

She has compiled the first comprehensive reference of jewelry manufacturers and trademarks.

Did you know that American law didn’t require makers’ marks on new jewelry until 1961?

However, the large scale manufacturers that began in the 1840s form a major portion of the directory that Dorothy put together for you.

That’s 120 years of history!

Very impressive.

I’m sharing this with you because it’s important and I think that it will help you. This is for every jeweler, dealer, historian, and collector. This is the book you will be using to properly identify jewelry in the foreseeable future.

Here’s how you can get it: 

Jewlery Fair

American Jewelry Manufacturers

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