I know all about Jewelry Factory Sourcing Online, Jewelry development, fairs and online Jewelry marketing. I was based in Thailand for more than 7 years; I speak Thai, Hebrew and English, which is allowing me to be a great middle man for those of you looking for high-quality, on-time jewelry sourcing manufacturers in Asia.
If you’ve had to deal with defective jewelry that doesn’t conform to both European and US standards, you know how frustrating that can be. When you’re looking to buy quality jewelry from Asia, the kind that matches your company’s image and target prices, my service proves to be invaluable.
By filling out the web form below, you can receive few jewelry catalogs and Jewelry Deals via email to help you make a wise purchasing decision. When you need an expert with years of experience in the jewelry industry, connect with me.



About Our Pioneering Jewelry Factory

  • Our management is expert, diligent and fluent in English. They will make sure to work on strong and long term business relations.
  • We guarantee your Jewelry conforms to both European and US standards.
  • We will work on development of your Jewelry and have fast turnaround so you are always one step ahead.
  • We can provide free samples as well as free masters for a limited introductory period and another aspect that differentiates our company from the rest of the wholesalers in market is customizable designs.


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